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Funeral Cash Plan

Whilst you cannot guarantee being there for your loved ones, you can plan to protect them financially and ensure a decent burial in the event of death. Highground funeral cash plan is aimed at ensuring that you and your loved ones are covered in the event of loss of life of a covered member. It is paid cash upon death of a covered member which could be essential in helping them towards one’s funeral and after funeral expenses.

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Funeral Cash Plan

Highground Funeral Cash Plan is a funeral policy for the whole family, it covers :
  • Principal member/ policy holder
  • Spouse
  • Policy holder’s own children
  • Parents
  • Parents in-law
  • Cash paid out within 24 hrs of claim intimation.
  • Cash payout flexible to suit any burial arrangements.
  • Dignified last respects for yourself and your loved ones.
  • No financial burden to the bereaved.
  • Peace of Mind of knowing that you have yourself and your loved ones covered in the event of death.
  • Cover for the whole family including parents and parents in-law.
  • Premiums are very affordable.
  • No need to go for medical examination.
  • Flexible premium payment terms: monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.